Blue Hills Retirement Village

In one particular unit within the complex there was a problem where moisture was being retained within the shower tile bed. Our epoxy grout system was used to not only rejuvenate the shower base, but also to give it a complete waterproof system allowing no moisture at all to enter. Blue Hills

South Sydney Leagues

In wet weather conditions, construction foremen on site were continually experiencing waterproofing problems to the floor and wall junction of the lift pit constructed. Danrae Waterproofing approached this situation by using a hydrostatic membrane system which is designed to hold back pressurised leakage without having to dig up the problem area from the backfilled side. South Sydney

Breakfast Point

Efflorescence seepage was becoming not only a continual problem to the planter box but also becoming an eyesore to passers by. If not properly treated, salt emission can continually cause expensive staining to the surrounding fa├žade, pavers or tiles. Our specialised efflorescence products has stopped salt emission and restored the planter back to its original state. Breakfast Point

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